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Convenient Hours and Locations

The Tri-Town Driving Program is offered in 3 convenient locations in the Boston area.

We have daytime, evening and weekend classroom sessions to accommodate your teenager’s schedule. In addition, we offer weekly road test services.

As a courtesy to our students and parents, we send email confirmations of class schedule, each driving lesson, and weekly road tests.


Emails Sent to Tri-Town

My son Joseph received his license on Saturday. Without the help of your staff booking driving and observation times this would not have happened. I have spoken to you about the problem of no time available and you assured me that it would be taken care of and it was.

I would like to give an especial THANKS to Lauren she was excellent to work with. She was always very friendly and polite when she answered the phone. She was very helpful and accommodating in the scheduling. I know it was frustrating for both of us in scheduling appointments, but she never showed it.

I would like to let you know that all your support staff that I dealt with was the same, pleasant and helpful. Kelly, who I guess is who is no longer with you, was also the same way.

Thanks again.
Carmine Santoro

Your outstanding devotion to student drivers has helped me to obtain my drivers license and I thank you deeply for investing the time and effort which has helped me to succeed. I will definitely refer other people to your program seeing that this has indeed prepared me for what’s to come on the road. I would not have my drivers license if it had not been for your exceptional instruction.

During the day of my road test, the school had a presentation on Skid School and I’d like to find out more about this seeing that there could be a time and a place where instruction of this sort may be needed.

Once again, I thank you deeply for your devotion.
Sincerely, Sandy Panico

We are all so pleased with the Tri-Town Driving School and the instructors Patrick has met. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends in North Reading.

Jeanne Kelly Sullivan

I wanted to extend my thanks, five years after my schooling with you at Stoneham High, to say that everything I know about road safety, I learned from you guys. I got to have a great learning experience and got to enjoy it. Especially, Chris with his hilarious and sometimes sad stories of when he was a teen and first started his experiences of driving or, the class where we learned about the safety precautions one should take when driving around big trucks. My younger brother also, had a great learning experience with you at the Wilmington office. It’s something we can never forget, thanks for making it great! When the day comes, I hope I can send my kids to you. I wouldn’t trust anyone to teach and have it sink in, like Tri-Town.

Thank you so much!!
Matiah Haloon

I just wanted to drop you a line, to express how very pleased I am with the entire Tri-Town experience. I thoroughly enjoyed your parent meeting that I attended in August, and was very impressed with what the program promised. What a nice surprise that you “delivered” on all promises that were made. My son received all that he needed to successfully get his license, and hopefully he’ll follow thru and become a defensive, safe driver.

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate how much you care about the kids out there learning to drive.

Susan Nardone

I just wanted to compliment Mr. Tri-Town on his presentation tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed class and found it very informative and wished it was more than 2 hours! WOW is there a lot of information to absorb. I hope to find the time to look at your website in more detail in the next few months prior to my teen getting her license!

I especially liked your “street smart” tips on what to do when ….. there is nothing more valuable than life experience and I wish our children would believe us on this one!

Thanks again!! I will definitely recommend your program to those who may ask me and remember it when my other two children are nearing driving age (not for a long while yet though…)


I just wanted to send a note to tell you that I (we) thought the parent class Chris held last night was terrific. Chris was fantastic!. He held our attention and gave us so much information in so little time. We walked out thinking “that was great”.

My husband and I both attended for our son, Matthew . I have to tell you that we were both a little apprehensive about attending. My husband really, really didn’t want to go. I told him it was mandatory that both parents went (but that will be our little secret – hee hee hee). I wanted my husband to be involved and know what the standards/consequences were for today’s drivers. A lot of things have changed since we got our licenses, and we now feel we have a lot more knowledge on the subject…. And knowledge is a wonderful thing.

I will certainly tell our friends about Tri-Town Driving School. Kudos to Chris!
Kay / Bob

Comments about the Teachers

I love the Tri-Town Driving School course and I think that it teaches you a lot of useful information that will definitely be helpful when it is your time to be on the road. I liked the fact that my instructor Chris made things extremely fun and entertaining. It made me laugh at least four times during each class. Eventually everything he taught stayed in my head. His teaching methods were very well thought out and helpful.


I liked how Chris inspired us to be the best drivers and always think. He was also real funny and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

I think this course was very informative, but at the same time, fun. It will definitely help me with road lessons, and I have obtained a much clearer understanding of driving. I liked the atmosphere of this course, and our instructor Chris was really funny. He told many chilling stories to make me think before doing anything.

I thought it was a good thing. John was one of the coolest teachers I have ever had. He taught me things I didn’t even know. I liked everything, I learned so much in these classes.

I really liked it. I learned a lot here and would recommend it to all of my friends. I liked George, he was a great teacher because he wasn’t strict unless he had to be. I really learned some important skills here.

It was spectacular. I had such a blast and learned so much I did not know previous to this class. I loved my teacher Chris! He was the best

It is a good course. I was very happy with my instructor, George. He was hard on us, but he cares about our safety, and that is why.

I liked the Tri-Town Driving School course. Chris was an awesome teacher and the class was so interesting. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I liked how we got worksheets as well as taking notes to reinforce the information.

I learned a lot from Tri-Town Driving School that will help me in the future. Jason was a good instructor and taught me what I didn’t know. I liked the way my instructor taught the class because there was a funny story behind everything, that helped you remember what you learned.

I think that this course helped me so much. It taught me all of the things of the road that I didn’t understand from reading the drivers manual. I absolutely loved this course. I didn’t dislike anything about this course. It was fun and still kept me learning. I loved having John for a teacher because he is fun and loves his job. I also enjoyed having the State Trooper here. That was definitely a great experience for me.

Comments about the Course

I liked it. I learned a lot about the rules of the road. Before I thought I got everything but this really showed that there is a lot more about driving then I thought. I liked how there was more then just lecturing about rules and restrictions. There are some instances that were given that showed how serious driving is.

It was a good course I really learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know, and also a lot of great information that could save my life.

I liked the fact that they didn’t just get us ready for the final, they helped get us ready to drive even after we get our license.

I liked it. It was very detailed. I didn’t have to take it due to my age, but I am glad I did. I feel that I will be a better driver. My teacher was very nice and went over everything very thoroughly.

I loved it. It was informative with great instructors, and I honestly had a good time coming here.

Testimonial from an Tri-Town Driving school student