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Convenient Hours and Locations

The Tri-Town Driving Program is offered in 3 convenient locations in the Boston area.

We have daytime, evening and weekend classroom sessions to accommodate your teenager’s schedule. In addition, we offer weekly road test services.

As a courtesy to our students and parents, we send email confirmations of class schedule, each driving lesson, and weekly road tests.

Parent Awareness Class

Is your child under 18 years old?

If so, you must complete a parent seminar before he or she can obtain a Massachusetts driver’s license. The fee for this class is $35.00* for enrolled students.

Due to the major changes and additions on the road, how we drive, as well as the laws & requirements in obtaining a Massachusetts drivers license. We encourage our customers to participate in the required two hour parent awareness class as soon as possible. This enables us to inform you about these changes as well as the new laws, requirements, and services we provide.

Participating in the parent class before your child begins the program and/or attempts to take the Massachusetts learners permit test, has proven to give you tremendous advantages as well as insure that each step throughout this process will go as seamless as possible.

During our Parent Class, you’ll receive information on:

  • Permit tests
  • Permit, passenger and junior operator license (JOL) restrictions
  • Fines, penalties and suspension periods
  • When and how to book driving lessons and license exams
  • How to prepay RMV fees
  • Tri-Town instructors
  • Tri-Town vehicles

*All Tri-Town fees are subject to change without notice.

*Parent(s) are required to participate in the parent awareness class at Tri-Town Driving School.

Have any questions?

Contact us at or 781.938.0698.