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Convenient Hours and Locations

The Tri-Town Driving Program is offered in 3 convenient locations in the Boston area.

We have daytime, evening and weekend classroom sessions to accommodate your teenager’s schedule. In addition, we offer weekly road test services.

As a courtesy to our students and parents, we send email confirmations of class schedule, each driving lesson, and weekly road tests.

Schedule Your Drivers License Test

The RMV is offering drivers license test appointments Monday through Saturday. 
If you are under 18, in order to schedule your drivers license test you must first complete the following. 
30 hours classroom 
12 hours behind the wheel 
6 hours observation 
2 hour parent seminar 
* In order to schedule a drivers license test appointment, you must have held your permit for six months. *
If you are over 18, you may visit the RMV website and schedule your drivers license test at anytime.
Once you have completed the above you may visit the RMV website using the link below and schedule an appointment for your drivers license test. 

Reserve Your Vehicle & Sponsor

Once you have scheduled the appointment with the RMV, you may click the link below to secure one of our pre approved driving school vehicles & a certified instructor as your sponsor on the day of your test. 
Our pre-approved vehicles, include small to mid-sized 2023 Chevy Malibu and/or 2024 Chevy Trax. 


All vehicles are marked driver education vehicles that are equipped with a passenger side braking system.

Please note: 
We will only be providing our vehicles & sponsors for tests that are scheduled at the Wilmington RMV ONLY!